Where is she?

The pile of laundry and the dust laden

floor asked me.

“Where is she?”

Indeed where was she? I sat brooding

next to the gardenia plant, when a shower

 of rain hit  the window pane

and asked me.

“Where is she?”

The flower dropped from the gardenia

plant and asked me.

“Where is she?”

As the rain subsided a rainbow

sprang up against the blue black

clouds and asked me.

“Where is she?”

I went to bed thinking hard where

would she be and couldn’t sleep. The rays

of the morning sun filtered through

the gaps in the blinds and fell on

my bed. And asked me.

“Where is she?”

What could I tell them? That I have been

looking for her too? Millennium after millennium.

Knowing well I’ll never again see her?

But hoping some day, I’ll find her?