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Next in Line
One Last Hope
I Have Lost My Shadow

He Had No Choice

Night (Nirmalya)

Text Box: Poetry is my favorite. Many writers advised me to read a lot of poetry to improve my prose.
Poetry is words that take you beyond words. Poem touches our very heart. Once I wrote a poem on ‘Mother’ and asked a colleague to read it. She refused. Said she didn’t want to cry.  Sometimes the very prospect of reading a poem creates emotion.
The book ‘Poet’s Companion’  says about poetry : ‘Poetry is an intimate act. It’s about bringing forth something that’s inside you – whether it is a memory, a philosophical idea, a deep love for another person or for the world, or an apprehension of the spiritual.’ 
I have never been to any poetry classes, workshops or conferences. I wish I have the time to go to one. But I have few poet friends. Once in a while I shall take an opportunity to put their work on my site.
I am a member of the ‘Academy of American Poets.’ Millions of people depend on this organization to bring them some exciting programs. They have their website www.poets.org
My favorite book on the subject is ‘The Poet’s Companion’ by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux.
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