Next in Line

I wanted to be born
as the eldest in the family
and so asked God
but He said, “No,
you are next in line.”

This poem of mine recieved second prize in the 'writing on the wall contest' in the Philadelphia Writer's Conference.
I always wanted to be
in the top division
in the school, but
looking at the list
the Principal said, “ if
anybody drops,
you are next in line.”
I fell in love with
a beautiful girl,
and asked her father
for her hand
but he said, “if she
breaks her engagement,
you are next in line.”
I applied for jobs, quite a few
but had only one interview
The boss said, “if our chosen
candidate doesn’t show up
you are next in line.”
I went to the bank
to get some money,
a lady standing beyond a pillar
I didn’t see.
The teller said to me, “she
is before you,
you are next in line.”

Recently, a close friend
of mine died of cancer,
I am glad so far
God has not said,
“You are next in line.”