I have lost my own shadow.

I stood on the brink of a desert. A lone shrub
threw itís shadow,
In the slanting rays of the dying sun.
I looked behind me and
found, I have lost my shadow.
I sat brooding in my window.
The otherwise clear sky had a
lone dark cloud,
casting itís shadow on the ground.
I went out on the road and looked around my feet,
I couldnít find my own shadow.
I went out for a walk,
A dark form swept across the ground
It was the shadow of a lone kite flying high.
But I couldnít find my own shadow.
I sat for meditation in front of the altar,
And saw an ant crawl on the wall
casting a shadow larger than itís body.
I peered around and found I have lost my shadow.
I stood in front of the mirror and
I couldnít see my reflection.
And then I realized why I had lost my shadow.

Itís because
I had lost myself.