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My name is Prakash V. Kulkarni. Not a common name for most people to pronounce but believe me, it is easier to say it than most popular names like Kevorkian or Schwarzenegger.

The name Prakash means light. Not the ordinary light but the light of enlightenment.

I would not qualify myself as a struggling writer but an ‘aspiring’ one. The difference is between how they look at themselves. An aspiring is merry, hopeful, smiling and composed when in front of the computer – like I am in the photo.

A struggling writer frowns, fidgets, scratches his (or her) body like infested by scabies and puts out only a few lines in one hour (during which had twelve trips – eight to the fridge and four to the bathroom). There is an element of frustration in struggling but not in aspiring.

So far I have not made any serious efforts at publishing my work. Partly because my profession kept me so busy (I worked as an anesthesiologist at

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. I am retired now.

I should say I pride myself in calling myself an ardent student of craft. A writer is always a student of the craft in the sense there is always room for improvement.

I was born in India, graduated from a medical college there and since 1976 has worked as an anesthesiologist around the globe (so far worked in India, Zambia, Papua New Guinea and for many years in three different hospitals in USA ).

I have traveled twice around the world and so far visited 23 countries. Nothing like travel enriches your life.  I cherish bringing my global experience to my writing.

I will be happy to hear from both – struggling and aspiring writers. Please write on my blog or e-mail me. With economic recession the number of struggling writers has gone up so high that if a meteorite (the size of a coconut) reaches earth, it will most probably hit a struggling writer.

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